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Costom Courses are committed to integrating resources, to offering a solution for the enterprises and to establishing deep cooperation of management education with enterprises. Costom Courses are accordance with the requirements of enterprise development and tailored specialized courses.

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Pioneering: make full use of the geographical advantage of Shanghai, which is one of the most important economic, financial and service centers in China;

Practice-oriented: inherit the tradition of being rigorous and pratice-oriented, which characterizes the teaching style of Shanghai Jiaotong University and meanwhile learn from best practices abroad;  

Practical: all trainings are based on latest research achievements and valid data;

Inspiring: has lots of prestigeous professors of management and the ability to integrate teaching resources worldwide;

Targeted: conduct interviews to dig out information and propose customerized solutions specailly designed for enterprises;

Flexible: adjust training plans annually to meet the changing needs of enterprises;

Professional: has a professional team which can provide one-stop high quality consulting services.

Research and Diagnostics

     Field research  and focus group

     Use of primary and secondary data

     Inspirations from enterprises in the same industry and learning from other industries

Development and Design

     Internalanalysis and case studies

     Statistical analysis and discussion

     Interactive workshops

     Continuous improvement of courses

Training Import

     Arrange and implement courses

     Arrange special seminars to discuss key issues faced by clients

Follow-up Visits

     Follow-up service

     Further consulting or discussions of problems faced by enterprises

Under the guidance of relevant professors, a series of customized courses which aim at high-level executives have been successfully carried out to meet the needs of enterprises:

     High-level executive management

     Promoting leadership

     Doing business in China

     Promoting the development of managers in mutli-national enterprises

     Succession planning

     Logistics and supply chain management

     Human resources development and management

     Financial management

     Enterprise financing issues

     nformation technology management

     New industrialization management

     Industrial transformation and multiplication

Category Theme Module
MBA、EMBA Core Courses Economics Economic mindset of leaders,macro economy: issues and trends, Company strategy and economics, History, current situation and future of Chinese economy
Strategy and decision making Corporate governance, strategic thinking and implementation, strategic decision making, quantitative decisions, behaviorial decision making, creating core competitive advantages, non-market environment and strategy of enterprises 
Innovation and change Innovation of leaders, Innovation strategy, Blue Ocean cognition and business model innovation, marketing innovation, organizational change and management innovation, promoting the value of enterprises with innovation, organizational learning and competitive advantages in changing environment
marketing Marketing strategies in the age of consumption, Brand strategy and management, service marketing and management, client relationship management, identification and excavation of client value, consumer behavior, new media marketing and targeted advertising, personalized marketing and its application on the internet
organization and leadership Leadership in Chinese enterprises, efficient team building and management, theory and practice of management communication, organizational design and organizational change, understanding and creating corporate culture, power management in organizations, business negotiation, self-management of high performance managers,business ethics
human resources management Strategic human resources management,  modern human resources management, work analysis and talent selection, human resources development, establishment and application of competence model, performance management and staff motivation,salary design and management, how to become a best employer
finance Corporate financial management,  capital operation and control, investment and financing strategies and analysis, corporate merge and acquisition, tax planning, corporate internal control and cost management,management accounting and corporate decision making, financial risk management, financial statements analysis, financial management of non-financial staff, earnings management, financial analysis and corporate competitiveness, international finance, wealth management  Equity investment and private equity fund  EVA and business evaluation
informationalization and operation management Information Strategy and Knowledge Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, 6σ and Lean Management, Project Management, Process Optimization, e-commerce
Special courses EMBA core courses Leadership in Chinese enterprises, corporate management and economic analysis, game theory and strategy, Macroeconomic analysis and policy, quantitative decisons and Variation management,  interpreting and analyzing financial statements, organizational behavior of Chinese enterprises, strategic human resources management, strategic marketing, cost control and operational decision making, corporate investment and value creation, financing and acquisition, strategic thinking and strtaegic decision making
globalization of Chinese enterprises Global Economic Situation and Globalization of Chinese Enterprises, Globalization of Enterprises and China's Diplomatic Policies, Globalization Strategy, Organizational Manamgenet of Multi-national Companies, Legal Issues Involved in Globalization, Safety Issues Involved in Globalization, Tax Issues Involved in Globalizaiton, Cross-cultural Communication and Negotiation,Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions and Risk Management, Iinternational Capital Market,  International Brand Management,  Globalization and Social Responsibilities of Chinese Enterprises
Hospital management Health Management Economics, Health economy and policy analysis, reforms and practice of public hospitals, hospital strategic management, hospital operational management, hospital service innovation and management, financial planning and management of medical institutions, quality management of health care, leadership of hospital managers, communnication and conflict management in hospitals,  crisis management in medical institutions 
Humanities and society Art of War by Sun Zi,  Confusinanism, Toism, Moism and Corporate Operation,  Management of Ancient Emperors, Confusianism and Modern Life,  About Reforms,   Discussion  on the Development of Chinese Enterprises , The rRise of China and the Relationship between Big Powers, Aesthetics and State of Art


  • Lin ZHOU

    Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management, SJTU.

    Research areas:Microeconomics, including Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Social Choice Theory and Welfare.

  • Mingyang YU

    Director of Brand Research Center, Antai School of Management, SJTU.

    Research areas:brand and brand building;brand crisis management, brand innovation, global brand management.

  • Yuan LI

    Executive Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management, SJTU.

    Research areas:management science & engineering, technology economy , including the technology innovation and entre...

  • Wei LV

    Associate Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management, SJTU.

    Research areas:Consumer behavior,Marketing, Strategic management, Data mining.

  • Xianzhong MENG

    Director, Institute of Strategic Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univer...

    Research areas:Enterprise management、Enterprise strategy.

  • Hongmin CHEN

    Industrial organization and Technological Innovation Research Center D...

    Research areas:the theory of industrial organization and technology and innovation management.

  • Xian CHEN

    Full Professor, Doctoral Supervisor Department of Economy, Antai Colle...

    Research areas:Service Economics and Trade,Public Economics and Public Policies.

  • Yamin CHEN

    Consultant of Accounting Standards in Ministry of Finance People’s Rep...

    Research areas:Accounting Theory, Credit Rating, Investment Bank.

Training cases of listed companies


Training cases of state-owned companies


Training cases of private companies


Training cases of foreign companies

Training cases of government organizations


Training cases of financial institutions


Training cases of medical institutions





Training cases of listed companies
Training cases of state-owned companies
Training cases of private companies
Training cases of foreign companies
Training cases of government organizations
Training cases of financial institutions
Training cases of medical institutions