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PE Investment and Financing Program for China CEO

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  • Program Cycle:

    The duration is 12 months. Every month, there will be classes on two days (Saturday and Sunday) with lectures and forums from time to time.

  • Venue:

    Room A411, Antai College of Economics and management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai 200030.

  • Target:

    Chairman, President and chief financial officer, and investors

  • Fee:

    Tuition fee: 168,000 RMB(including handouts and materials, lunch, training and teaching administration fees). Expenses of studying abroad, such as accommodation and transportation fees, are not included.


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Course Introduction

Program Duration: The program spans 12 months, with classes held intensively for two days each month (Saturdays and Sundays), totaling 24 days.


Who should attend: Entrepreneurs holding positions as Chairman, CEO, CFO, Head of Capital Operations, and those transitioning from industrialists to investors in rapid -growth or potential-to-go-public enterprises.

Fee: The tuition fee is RMB 168,000, which covers books, case materials,, , most meals and instructional management. Additional expenses, such as those for study trips, accommodation, transportation, visas and other incidental costs are not included.


Course Description


In the current era of rapid political and economic changes, China has entered a new economic cycle, with multi-tiered markets becoming increasingly mature. With the establishment of a registration system and the Science and Technology Innovation Board, the importance of the capital market is more evident. Companies face various transformational challenges in their development, especially during the preparation for initial public offerings (IPOs). As companies navigate the complex and competitive capital market environment, preparing for market changes and challenges becomes crucial. This requires a series of preparatory measures, effective resource and capital management, risk mitigation, and breakthrough development.

This course empowers executives of potential IPO companies with an understanding of the capital market, starting from capital management to planning the path to IPO. It revolves around four major modules, guiding executives of potential IPO companies in understanding the capital market. The course assists in refining the company's business model according to IPO goals and optimizing various aspects such as financial management, organizational structure, and equity structure. It aids companies in transitioning from corporate management to IPO preparation, providing an integrated framework for streamlined management. Through interactive methods and micro-consultation, the course offers guidance on IPO preparation, enhances capital management capabilities, effectively addresses challenges in the capital market, and improves company performance.


Project Advantages

The course maximizes the resource advantages of the School of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in academia and industry. Leveraging strong research capabilities and practical achievements, the program facilitates the convergence and integration of talent, intellect, technology, capital, and management resources, creating a new engine for high-quality development between universities and enterprises. It provides robust support for successfully advancing the IPO process.

 Key Benefits 

ØPerspective: Top scholars impart business management concepts, broaden perspectives, and open the doors to business management.

ØPractice: Industry leaders share practical experiences through local and international case studies.

ØCutting-edge: Regulatory experts interpret policies and analyze the logic and pathways to IPOs.

ØMulti-dimensional: Analyze financial management, capital empowerment, and IPO preparation from various angles to promote comprehensive corporate transformation and upgrading.



Mastery of Financial Acumen, Exploration of Effective Management Strategies.

Insight into the Market Landscape, Crafting Optimal Financing Strategies.

Shaping a Business Blueprint for Elevating Corporate Flight.


 "PEAK Program Framework"

ØPerceiving — Enhancing Awareness of the Capital Market

ØEscalating — Refining Operational Management for Comprehensive Transformation

ØApplying — Planning the Path to IPO, Applying Practical Knowledge

ØKick-starting — Embarking on Exploration Journeys, Initiating the Journey to Going Public






Enhancing Perception

Macroeconomic Trends and Financial Changes

Multi-tiered Capital Market Development and Trends

Dynamics of the Capital Market and Interpretation of IPO Policies

Registration System Reform and New Opportunities in the Capital Market

Capital Thinking in the New Business Era

Exploration of Industrial Economy and Regional Opportunities



Comprehensive Elevation

Organizational Change and Leadership in a Transformational Environment

Strategic Thinking and Business Model Innovation

Company Valuation Logic and Value Creation

Corporate Governance and Equity Structure Design

Improvement of Internal Controls and Risk Management

Financial Thinking and Decision-making from a Value Perspective

Financial Standards and Performance Planning

Interpretation of Tax Policies and Tax Planning



IPO Preparation

Full Path Planning for IPO and Key Points of Review

Analysis and Comparison of the Capital Market

Comprehensive Use of Financing Tools for Enterprises

Industrial Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions

Market Value Management and Information Disclosure

ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility



Embarking on the Journey

Logic and Strategy of Business Plan

Common Issues and Case Analysis in Corporate IPO Practices

Analysis of Regulatory Policies and Trends

Interpretation of Rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange/Shenzhen Stock Exchange/Beijing Stock Exchange

Case Analysis of Financing Plans for Participant Companies

Practical Project Roadshow for Corporate Financing




  • Yamin CHEN

    Consultant of Accounting Standards in Ministry of Finance People’s Rep...

    Research areas:Accounting Theory, Credit Rating, Investment Bank.

  • Yiwen FEI

    Assistant Professor

    Research areas:Corporate finance, international finance, money and banking, Economics.

  • Yingli PAN

    Director, the Chinese Research Institute of Foreign Economics, the Sta...

    Research areas:Macroecomics, International Finance, Money and Banking

  • Tao LIU

    Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance

    Research areas:Accounting, Auditing

  • Chaojun YANG

    Expert on the Shanghai Municipal Financial Consulting Commission.

    Research areas:liquidity of the financial market,Portfolio Investment Analysis,Financial innovation and development...

  • Ying YU

    Teaching Strategy Management and Marketing Management for MBA and EMBA...

    Research areas:Strategy Management, Merger and Acquisition.

All those that successfully complete all courses  will be conferred China CEO PE Investment and Financing Workshop Completion Certificate by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


1、Information:call for more information and ask for the application form.
2、Fill in the form:Students should fax their application forms to the admission office  after they fill in all the necessary information  
3、Review:all the application forms will be reviewed and offer letters will be sent to those who are admitted to the program.
4、Payment:Students should pay tuition fee to An Tai College of Economics and management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University through remittance after they get their offer letters.
5、Notice:The notice letter will be sent to admitted students upon payment and students will be informed of the exact starting date.
6、Registration:Students should register on time and prepare for any materials needed for registration.


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