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PE Investment and Financing Program for China CEO

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  • Program Cycle:

    The duration is 15 months. Every month, there will be classes on two days (Saturday and Sunday) with lectures and forums from time to time.

  • Venue:

    Room A411, Antai College of Economics & management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai 200030.

  • Target:

    Chairman, President and chief financial officer, and investors

  • Fee:

    Tuition fee: 168,800 RMB(including handouts and materials, lunch, training and teaching administration fees). Expenses of studying abroad, such as accommodation and transportation fees, are not included.


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Course Background


Technological advancement, model innovation, and strategic reform have already become the key factors in sustainable development for enterprises. Over years of rapid development, financial strength has grown to be the core competitiveness of a country, pushing enterprises to complete transformation and upgrading. 

Financial development and economic development have mutually reinforced each other. An all-round and multi-tiered financial service system has significantly propelled China’s economy. Some great companies have benefited from the financial development and achieved success, and while painful lessons were also brought to a group of entrepreneurs with weak capital strategic capabilities. The mission of financial development is to serve the real economy. The wisdom of entrepreneurs lies in making good use of financial resources.


Drawing lessons from the 23rd PE Investment and Financing Program for Chinese CEO and led by Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, this course invites professionals and industry experts. In this way, the teaching faculty will gain multi-level improvement and design a practical capital course. This course integrates financial theoretical knowledge and the essence of practice of capital management, in a bid to help students understand the nature of the capital market and cultivate rational investment thinking. It accurately grasps the political and economic environment to encourage entrepreneurs to map out their strategies, thus improving their capital strategic capabilities. In addition, this course conducts an in-depth study on China’s policy dividend brought by financial supply-side reform, thereby helping enterprises realize stable and sound sustainable development.


Curriculum Ideas

To help students grasp the whole picture of Chinese economy and make decisions in accordance with the tide of times;

To help students deconstruct capital and rebuild value;

To enable students to practice in real business environment and enhance competitiveness;

To help students improve themselves by analyzing particular cases.

Course Features

Tutorial System: senior capital management experts will be involved in this course for FAQ, which will help you in making your own capital strategies.     

Customized Course: A deep analysis targeted on student’s business cases will be made to business remodeling, by revealing the key points of incorporating enterprise with capital and opening up the channel of enterprise financing. 

Real Practice: With the motto of learning by doing, problems concerning organization and financial instruments in investment and financing will be thoroughly analyzed in terms of different development stage of enterprises. 

Diversification: There are various teaching approaches including on-site teaching, action teaching, establishing private board, communicating with investors, probing into investment institutions and visiting enterprises.


Ecosystem: With the help of the alumni from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, think tanks, investment and financing clubs, an ecosystem will be built for student’s exploitation, which is favorable for the communication and cooperation of investment and financing.

High-level Participants: The course attracts high-level students including entrepreneurs of leading enterprises and new emerging enterprises, highly-potential entrepreneurs and industry veterans, in attempt to coordinate the whole industrial chain resources.

Students Practice and Achievements

Several Enterprises and projects have already obtained financing, including Goldtel (300101), Chaorisolar (002506), Nanfang Bearing (002553), Bros Holding (601339), Sino Wealth electronic Ltd. (300327), Carthane (603037), Dibay Electric (603320), Rokin Logistics, Sinoway Herb, Tony’s Farm, XTL Packing, SEVENDAYS, Youtellbio, Dayang Micro Powder, Apollo Machinery, E-BUY Commerce, Yizheng Nashan Mountain Tourism Program and Byworld Tourism Program.

Several PE funds and FOF have been established, with more than RMB 1 billion in total, including Jiaobo Capital, Josun Capital, DT Capital, Sequoia Capital, New Margin Capital, Haoshi Capital, GGV Capital, New Access Capital and PreIPO Capital. 



Course Contents:




Module 1

Macroscopic View

An Analysis on China’s Macroeconomic Trends and Industrial Policy

To help students grasp the whole picture of China’s economy and make decisions with the tide of times

Students will gain an insight into China’s economic situation and the financial reform. Besides, they will learn about business pattern, industrial layout and development opportunities in the context of New Normal.


China’s Financial Changes and Reform Trends

Module 2




An Outlook on the Development of China’s Capital Market

To help students deconstruct capital and rebuild value

Students will be given an overview of the evolution of capital market to explore the connotation of corporate governance model.

They will learn to master the laws and policies of PE funds and knowledge on corporate governance structure, thereby enhancing the strategic concept of capital management.

Financial Support and Measures from Enterprises in China’s Economy

Modern Enterprise System and Corporate Governance

Policies, Regulations and Strategies about PE Investment Fund

Module 3

Practice on Capital Management

Capital Thinking in the New Business Era

To enable students practice in real business environment and enhance competitiveness


Students will learn about the financial strategic system and financial innovation model.


They will be involved as part of the discussion on the investment and financing demands and methods according to different development stages of enterprises, and make analysis on the strategies and methods of valuation and M & A.

Design and Strategies of Corporate Equity Incentive

Capital Market and Value Investment

The Use of Comprehensive Financing Tools of Enterprises

An Operational Practice of Enterprise M & A

Cross-border M & A Strategy and Case Analysis

Common Problems in Corporate Valuation and Other Financing Practices


The Strategic Role of Capital on Business Model in Enterprise Transformation

Module 4

Enterprise Diagnosis

The Role of Business Model on Enterprises

To help students make improvements by analyzing particular cases

Students will learn how to innovate and transform the business model and interpret key factors in the investment practice.

Students will learn about the methods of business model innovation. With a targeted guidance and tutoring, they will directly communicate with investors, thus realizing capital connection in realisty.



  • Xian CHEN

    Full Professor, Doctoral Supervisor Department of Economy, Antai Colle...

    Research areas:Service Economics and Trade,Public Economics and Public Policies.

  • Yamin CHEN

    Consultant of Accounting Standards in Ministry of Finance People’s Rep...

    Research areas:Accounting Theory, Credit Rating, Investment Bank.

  • Yingli PAN

    Director, the Chinese Research Institute of Foreign Economics, the Sta...

    Research areas:Macroecomics, International Finance, Money and Banking

  • Yiwen FEI

    Assistant Professor

    Research areas:Corporate finance, international finance, money and banking, Economics.

All those that successfully complete all courses  will be conferred China CEO PE Investment and Financing Workshop Completion Certificate by An Tai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


1、Information:call for more information and ask for the application form.
2、Fill in the form:Students should fax their application forms to the admission office  after they fill in all the necessary information  
3、Review:all the application forms will be reviewed and offer letters will be sent to those who are admitted to the program.
4、Payment:Students should pay tuition fee to An Tai College of Economics & management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University through remittance after they get their offer letters.
5、Notice:The notice letter will be sent to admitted students upon payment and students will be informed of the exact starting date.
6、Registration:Students should register on time and prepare for any materials needed for registration.


1、Venue:Room A411, Antai College of Economic & Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University,1954 Huashan Road  zipcode:200030

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