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Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai-Wanxin Optical Group “100 Million Club-100 Enterprises and 10,000 Stores” Seminar Opening Ceremony was Successfully Held

Publisher:EEC Office2019-02-27

On February 23rd, the opening ceremony of the “100 Million Yuan Club – 100 Enterprises and 10,000 Stores” seminar was held in Antai College Economics • Management. The guests attending the opening ceremony included Tang Feng, President of Wanxin Optical Group, Tang Jian, Vice President of Marketing of Domestic Sales Center, Dong Guangping, Director of Education Center, Gao Jingxin, Deputy Director and Li Liang, Associate Diretor of the Executive Education Center of the AntaiCollege Economics • Management.

Tang Jian, Vice President of Marketing of Wanxin Optical Group's Domestic Sales Center, first delivered a speech on behalf of the Group. He said, our industry can outperform the GDP and boast sound growth scale. What we need to do is to prepare for the market and commercialization, to accurately understand human resources and finance, and to find opportunities to grow rapidly. To amplify strategies and managing logics appear to be of utmost significance.

Gao Jingxin, Deputy Director of the Antai Executive Education Center, delivered a speech as a guest of the school. He hoped that students can complete the iteration from '1' to 'N' in the study, and also expressed best wishes to the students on behalf of Jiao Tong University. Then the two representatives of the students shared what they felt about the learning. While affirming the effect of teaching, they also stressed that the current glasses industry is in the golden expansion period. In order to grasp opportunities and achieve leap-forward development, it’s a prerequisite to set up a talent pool and improve finance management mechanism. Thus, the course with the theme of human resources and finance well conforms to their actual needs.

After the opening ceremony, Tang Feng, President of Wanxin Optical Group, gave a speech on the topic of “Strategy, Teamwork, Good Words, Decision Making, Rewards and Punishments”, which officially commenced the theme study of six modules within a year.