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On March 8, Theme Salon of “Caring for Women and Protecting Health” was Successfully Held.

Publisher:EEC Office2019-03-11

On March 8, the International Women's Day, more than 40 female teachers and female alumni entrepreneurs from the Antai College Economics • Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University gathered together to participate in the theme salon of “Caring for Women and Protecting Health” co-organized by Antai Executive Education Center and iKang Evergreen Medical International, an Alumni Enterprise of Jiao Tong University.

At the beginning of Sharon, Huang Shujuan, the Director of the Alumni and the Public Relations Office of Antai College Economics • Management, invited Professor Tian Xinmin, the Deputy Dean of Antai College Economics • Management to join it. Dean Tian said, the role played by women in today's society is growing, especially in the business sector, a group of outstanding women entrepreneurs who have made great contributions to the development of the national economy. However, at the same time, their health is easy to be neglected. Therefore, on this special occasion, on behalf of the college, I would like to extend my greetings to their health and happiness on behalf of our college and male friends. I also hope that t this kind of salon can bring more health knowledge to female alumni and secure everyone's work and life in the future.

Subsequently, Ms. Huang Feiyan, graduate 1988 of Jiao Tong University and Director and COO of iKang Group also shared her entrepreneurial experience among Antai female alumni. According to what she said, when selecting a partner, it is necessary to examine his/her character, and attach great importance to management to cut short the road to success.

After that, Dr. Xu Lin, Deputy Dean of the Health Examination Service of ikang Evergreen, and Dr. Ping Shengmin of WA Health Care respectively shared knowledge concerning women's health. Dr. Xu Lin provided a scientific medical examination method for the women entrepreneur health management. Dr. Ping Shengmin explained from how to stay away from breast diseases from the perspective of “caring for women's breast health”. The two experts also had a session of questions and answers with the alumni after the speech.

This theme salon had been jointly planned by Antai Executive Education and iKangEvergreen. Based on the huge alumni resources and the strong technical strength of ikangJunan, the two sides would continue to carry out more health theme salons in the future to provide entrepreneurs with reliable safeguards for health management.