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On April 18, 2019, the Opening Ceremony of the Sustainability Project of Dow was Solemnly Held

Publisher:EDP Office2019-04-18

On the morning of April 16, the opening ceremony of the Sustainability Project of Dow was solemnly held at the Antai College Economics • Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Mr. Lin Yulin, President of Dow Greater China, Professor Chen Fangruo, Dean of Antai College Economics • Management, and Professor Yin Haitao, Director of the Department of Economics attended the opening ceremony.

Dean Chen Fangruo first expressed sincere welcome to all the students. At the same time, Dean Chen said that the current development philosophy of Antai College Economics • Management is “cross-cutting, knowing and doing”, and the important idea is to cross over and be interdisciplinary. Interlacing means reform and opening up. It means that we need to open the "ivory tower" of the university, break down the interdisciplinary barriers, promote the development of the discipline, change the development model of the business school, and build a business school ecosystem. Finally, Dean Chen expressed his wishes and expectations to the students and hoped that the project could produce more innovations and breakthroughs through crossover cooperation.

Lin Yulin, President of Dow Greater China, delivered a speech. President Lin raised the enormous challenge facing the world: the challenge of plastic waste for sustainable development. Mr. Lin said that Dow has always adhered to the concept of “sustainable development, customer-centric, innovation and inclusiveness” and continued to address the challenges of sustainable development with customers.

Finally, Professor Yin Haitao from Antai College Economics • Management gave an overall introduction to the project curriculum. The course will consist of three sections: Sustainability Trends and Business, Sustainability Markets and Strategy, and Sustainability Projects, and hope to convey the best knowledge to the students in a limited learning time.