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EMBA Core Courses Seminar (Phase III) of the Bank of East Asia (China) Co., Ltd. was successfully Completed

Publisher:EDP Office2019-04-23

On April 22, 2019, the EMBA Core Courses Seminar (Phase III) of the Bank of East Asia (China) Co., Ltd. held a grand closing ceremony at the Bank of East Asia (China) Co., Ltd. in Lujiazui.

A number of celebrities attended the closing ceremony, including Lin Zhimin, Executive Director and President of the Bank of East Asia (China) Co., Ltd., Vice President and Chief Operating Officer He Changming, Vice President Cai Lifeng, Vice President and Risk Director Dan Qishun, Assistant President Jiang Qihui, General Manager of Learning Development Liang Xiangfeng, Chen Fangruo, Dean of Antai College Economics • Management and Gao Jingxin, Director of the Executive Education Center.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the students and the leaders watched the closing video and reviewed the warm and joyful learning time. President Lin Zhimin and Dean Chen Fangruo delivered speeches at the closing ceremony. President Lin first expressed his affirmation and extended blessing to the students who will graduate. He affirmed the efforts and achievements of the students in the two-year training. I wish the students a bright and new future. Dean Chen Fangruo introduced the new developments made by Antai in recent years, as well as the future development plan. As an alumnus himself, Dean Chen also hoped that the graduating students will remember the school motto, feel proud as a graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and give back to the company, school and society with what they have learned. At the same time, Dean Chen gave high recognitions of the Bank of East Asia’s corporate culture of emphasizing learning and nurturing talents and the cross-departmental and cross-level innovation atmosphere.

After the closing ceremony, the “Young Eagles Program Opening Ceremony” was held. Antai and Bank of East Asia (China) have jointly trained talents for eight years. Through the "839" echelon-style talent training program, hundreds of senior managers in the Bank of East Asia have been successfully trained. The students receiving training in Antai have grown into elites of the Bank of East Asia (China) who act as leaders in their own fields.