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Antai-Hanyang University’s 12th“China's Top Operator Course (SHAMP)" officially Opened

Publisher:EDP Office2019-04-23

On April 19, 2019, Antai-Hanyang University’s 12th“China's Top Operator Course (SHAMP)" officially Opened. More than 20 executives from Korean companies working in China attended the opening ceremony.

Dr. Gao Jingxin, Director of the Executive Education Center of Antai College Economics • Management, attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Jin Dagao, Representative of the Chinese Representative Office of Hanyang University. In his speech, Director Gao expressed his warm welcome to the Korean entrepreneurs who worked and lived in China, introduced the long history of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and shared the development history and outstanding achievements in recent years of Antai College.

This course will last for four months from May to August. In order to enable students to learn the most essential knowledge in a limited time, the college carefully designed and divided the course into six modules: China's financial reform and monetary strategy, the essential changes in the social and economic structure of modern China, the actual negotiation over the exploration of domestic demand market, changes in China's consumption in the Internet era, Chinese-style new product strategies and macroeconomic outlook.

Facing the current complex and ever-changing economic environment, we hope that the Chinese and Korean companies will continue to work together to find opportunities amidst the challenges. Finally, Director Gao Jingxin suggested the students should think more as a beginner, conduct more exchanges and apply what they have learned to the work.