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The EMBA “Corporate Culture and Leadership” Module of the Baltic Management Institute in Lithuania was Successfully Held

Publisher:EEC Office2019-05-22

On May 19, 2019, the “Corporate Culture and Leadership” module of the EMBA Seminar of the Baltic Management Institute in Lithuania was successfully held at Antai College Economics • Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Forty-four executives from the media, IT, finance, law, banking, manufacturing and energy participated in the course.

This year is the eleventh year for EMBA students of the Baltic Management Institute in Lithuania to study in Antai. Since 2013, both sides have made an unprecedented innovation in the cooperation model - from the traditional "Chinese Business" course to a more targeted modular course. The 2019 EMBA seminar lasted for 6 days, endowing students with carefully-designed courses related to “corporate culture and leadership”.

Professor Shi Weilei, the Academic Director of the Project, extended a warm welcome to the BMI students, introduced the development of the College and the Executive Education Center as well as the overall arrangement of the project. In the one-week course, the students would gain in-depth knowledge of “Chinese Management Practices” through lectures, corporate visits, and Chinese cultural experiences, and master topics such as “China Business Strategy”, “Cross-Cultural Leadership” and “Corporate Culture and Leadership”. The students expressed their sincere expectations for a more comprehensive understanding of China's economic status and future trends.