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China CEO Senior Seminar Opening Ceremony was Solemnly Held

Publisher:EEC Office2019-05-28

On May 25, Antai College Economics • Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University ushered in the 47th CEO Innovation Management Advanced Seminar. Liu Shaoxuan, Deputy Director of Antai College Economics • Management, Gao Jingxin, Director of the Executive Education Center, and Sun Xiaoyan, Deputy Director attended the opening ceremony. Liu Chaoxia, Project Director of Antai Executive Education Center presided over the opening ceremony.

With the solemn national anthem, the opening ceremony officially began. Liu Shaoxuan, Deputy Director of Antai College Economics • Management, first gave a welcome speech to the new students on behalf of the college and introduced the history and development of Jiao Tong University and Antai. In light of the current economic situation, Dean Liu called on corporate executives to continue to learn, keep thinking and keep pace with the times. At the same time, Dean Liu also put forward new request for the alumni: Since today, everyone has become member of Antai, and you shall embrace the next year's study as a new comer. Antai will continue to provide the most influential courses for alumni.

As the monitor of the 37thCEO Innovation Management Advanced Seminar, Shi Jun, General Manager of Cooperative Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch shared his own learning sentiment on behalf of the old alumni. He said with great enthusiasm, as the helm controller and executive of enterprises, rather than “techniques” when running a company in many cases, you need to know how to control the direction. That’s the so-called “way”. That’s exactly what we can learn in Antai class. We need to understand the frontier trends, gain insight into the future direction, scientifically conduct industry diagnosis, and lead the company to move forward in the right direction.

The new student representatives also talked about the experience and sentiment after returning to school. Wan Fan, Director of Wuchan Zhongda Ecommerce Co., Ltd. said, returning to the campus today and giving myself a chance to learn more is a good start. This is a big era with the rapid development of information and the continuous development of enterprises; executives need to constantly broaden their thinking and horizons for common development and progress.

After the opening ceremony, Dr. Gao Jingxin, Director of the Executive Education Center, presented the introduction course about the overall curriculum design and the system topics in the coming year, and analyzed it in the form of mind map. Director Gao first introduced the main thread of the CEO curriculum: “one main line, two fundamentals, three innovations”, and made in-depth probe through the “5+1” approach, with 5 meaning “5 new modules” of the curriculum: new horizons, new patterns, new perceptions, new media and new skills and “1” meaning the “new experience”, a new mode of teaching.

After the course, the students walked through the beautiful campus, went to the Qian Xuesen Library and the School History Museum to experience the history and precipitation of the century-old school.