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The Opening Ceremony of the Advanced Business Administration Course Seminar (2019 Spring Class) was Solemnly Held

Publisher:EEC Office2019-05-28

On May 25, 2019, the Advanced Business Administration Course Seminar (2019 Spring Class) was grandly opened at Antai College Economics • Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Jiang Yunyi, Deputy Director of the Executive Education Center, Assistant Director Xu Lei attended the opening ceremony. Zhao Yingli, Director of the Division 1 of the Open Class, presided over the opening ceremony.

Dr. Jiang Yunyi, Deputy Director of the Antai Executive Education Center, first expressed his warm congratulations to the students and introduced the long history of Jiao Tong University and the achievements of Antai in recent years. Antai was listed No.1 in the 2018 Asia Pacific School of Business by the Financial Times for two consecutive years. Teacher Jiang hopes that the students will cherish this learning opportunity. They should not only to learn from the lecturers, but also communicate deeply with each other to create a class atmosphere that is passionate about learning, good at learning, and interactive.

As the monitor of the advanced business administration course (2012 autumn class), Zhao Tao, Operation Director of Peter-Lacke (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. shared his learning experience and feeling: through the one year of study in Antai, my experience and feeling during work have become more clear-cut through the systemic learning. I get inspired at work and think and communicate in a wider perspective.

The new student representatives Sheng Hongwei, General Manager of Shanghai HonganZhansheng Logistics System Technology Co., Ltd. and Yang Yingge, CFO of Jinshiye Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. emphasized the importance of learning in their speech. They said, they always keep cautious during work. More and more management problems are difficult to be dealt with in a scientific management method. I hope that we can abandon the previous experience, systematically learn the management knowledge, and help enterprises prosper. I hope that everyone will gain friendship during the study in Antai!

After the opening ceremony, the students visited the School History Museum and immediately got involved in team building. By breaking conventions and working in a team environment, students realized the importance of teamwork, decision making, and organization. On the second day, the students continued to be immersed in the study of the Chinese Economics and Corporate Countermeasures in a refreshing state.